Terms and Conditions


  • MONDAY - FRIDAY (incoming invoice from the previous day until 18.00 pm) (Orders are processed on the same day, applicable to all types shipping of JNE. If the incoming orders exceed at 18.00 pm, your order will be processed on the next working day).
  • SATURDAY - SUNDAY and HOLIDAY (The online store still open, but all of incoming invoices, including above FRIDAY at 18:00 pm will be process and your order delivery on the next working day ).


  • Maximal of tire that can be purchased on Superplanetban.com as many as 10 items in one (1x) purchases.
  • Every transaction has been entered for processing, can not be canceled.
  • The order that has been paid, have not been processed until payment is verified and the invoice has been sent by the superplanetban.com.
  • Superplanetban.com provides a method of payment by credit card and virtual account BCA.
  • For the transfer payment system. We provide bank transfer payment of BCA, Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, BRI, BNI and PERMATA.
  • Customers are suggested to take out insurance from the expedition.
  • Customers who choose the direct installation in the outlet Planet Ban not incur shipping costs
  • Customers who choose the delivery address by courier JNE, delivery charge and selection of appropriate city delivery package.


  • Orders with the preferred method of installation in the outlet Planet Ban force in accordance with the schedules and locations have been the time of booking.
  • If customer are delayed by more than 15 minutes, the order will carried out, but customer must follow the appropriate queue in Planet Ban.
  • If customer want to change the schedule, please contact our customer support at support@superplanetban.com Monday - Friday at 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.
  • Customer must include the proof of payment or transaction when come to outlet planet outlet for installation.
  • We only serve the installation if customers bring proof of transaction and motorcycle with plate number appropriate to avoid fraud and improve service quality.
  • If the customer is already booked installation at Planet Ban on the website of superplanetban.com and the customer is not forthcoming for 1 month, we are not responsible for the damage and lose the customer’s product that has been purchased.


  1. No shipping order on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
  2. We're using the JOB (JNE Online Booking), the number of AWB (Air Way Bill) will be updated automatically after the products are shipped (in this case, there is the possibility of delayed, depending on system conditions at that time JNE).
  3. Please check the status of your purchase in Superplanetban.com periodically to find out the delivery status.
  4. Every order will be process after we receive an invoice from Superplanetban.com.
  5. For the special moments like the holiday feast (Eid, Christmas and New Year), the shipping of product may be delayed, please understand us.
  6. We ensure that every package in a condition ready to send. If there is damage, miss the route, time delays in the shipping process, then it is the responsibility of the expedition.
  7. To expedite the shipping process, please provide the destination address is complete and correct. NAME OF RECIPIENT, NAME OF PLACE / BUILDING (shop / office), NAME OF STREET AREA, PHONE NUMBER, postcode and contact information.
  8. The product will be sent directly to the appropriate shipping address reservations that the user fill in Superplanetban.com and type of delivery by courier JNE. Superplanetban.com no warranty item when the customer perform the installation outside Ban Planet outlet or install themselves.

The possibility that occurs when you can not use our website :

  1. Dimension of (package) orders exceed the specified limit.
  2. DROPSHIP. Booking dropship can not use this service.
  3. There is no stock availability of the product that the customer wants.an.
  4. Region shipping or installation where there is no scope in the area of super Planet Ban.
  5. There are things that happen beyond our control, such as terrorism, natural disasters, coups, changes in government regulation and massive social catastrophe that we can not prevent.


  1. All the products we sell are in new condition.
  2. We recommend customer to peruse the information items to be purchased.
  3. If the information we provide is less, it is advisable to obtain further information through search "How to" or ask questions directly to our Customer Support.
  4. Each item is always in-check in advance by division warehouse before being shipped.
  5. Prices are subject may change at any time.


  1. Every order will we packed safely.
  2. For the request the way or special kinds of packing, customers can call Customer support@superplanetban.com and charged extra fee in accordance with the request.

Retur / Refund

  1. Product tire has been purchased with installation services and disability factory, customers can call customer service support@superplanetban.com and restore the product to the outlet Planet Ban directed by customer service. Product will replace by us, if results Checked planet tire mechanic outlets stating that the product defect / defects.
  2. Product tire has been purchased with shipping service but disability factory, customers can call customer service and follow the next diraction from our customer service
  3. Superplanetban.com not accept returns and refund caused by the negligence of the customer or due to accidents and things outside of our control.