Copyright Policy

All the material content (text, photos, videos, logos and brand names) contained of the e-commerce Planetban.com protected under the copyright law number 28 in 2014 Pasal 1, declare about "Copyright is the exclusive creator arising out automatically based on the principle of declarative after a creation embodied in a real form without reducing restrictions in accordance with the provisions of UUD".

All the material content in the E-commerce of Planet Ban can be used by individuals for reference purposes and non-commercial.

For anyone who intends and aims to take advantage of the content material for a little or a lot by reproducing, quote, reproduce, disseminate and editing are required to adhere the following provisions:

  1. The utilization of material for educational purposes, research, the study of non-commercial and individual consumption such as mailing - lists, blogs and community forums, do not have to get permission from planetban.com, but are required to pass in order to avoid abuse related materials and include the name of planetban.com.
  2. The utilization of materials other than the above should get permission from Planetban.com For those who use the material content for commercial purposes such as making sales, fraud, promotions and other things associated with a commercial purpose, planetban.com will bring this case towards the law and is not responsible for the content of material as a result of the use of outside ecommerce Planet Ban.