Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us, Planet Ban is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all personal information that you provide to us.

By using and accessing the website of Planetban.com, then we assume the user already read, understand and give agreement for collection and data usage described below. This privacy policy may be updated periodically without prior notice, the user is expected to review the privacy policy page periodically for any changes.

Collection of Personal Information

Planet Ban may collect information about you when you access and use services on our website. When you register to become an user, we may collect personal information such as the user's full name, email address, place and date of birth, phone numbers, license plate numbers and other information that may be required. By providing this information means that you understand that Planetban.com may use any user data information for continuity and smooth running of the site.

Any information collected by Planet Ban protected as best as possible and supported by proven security devices. Confidentiality of the password is the personal responsibility of each user. Planetban.com not responsible for damages caused by user forget or miss in maintaining the confidentiality of your password.


Our site provides access will be able to see the material product for everybody, but you need a registration (registration) first to access information and fullservices on Planet Ban such as purchasing, booking, shipment, payment and getting promotions - attractive promotions.

To register on Planetban.com, we need your information and help you to fill your data in the registration form as follows :

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Gender Type
  • Birth Date
  • Telephone Number

After the registration process and the confirmation email, the user is already member of Planetban.com and will get a lot of service features. We assume all the information that you provide current and any changes that you make in the future are accurate, precise and correct.

If the information the user data when first registering and subsequent changes are stated and proved to be unvalid and false, then we are not responsible for their actions and consequences about incurred in connection with user’s information.

Use of Information

  1. Planetban.com can use the entire user data information for internal needs of providing services and communicate with you.
  2. Planetban.com can use and process information user data for the purposes of market research, promotion of new products, special offers and more.
  3. Planetban.com may share your information with third parties that collaborate by us to provide services on our behalf, such as logistics in shipping and receiving packages.
  4. Planetban.com will not sell, lend or give your personal information to other parties without consent from you before.

Penutupan Akun oleh Super Planet Ban

  1. Planetban.com reserves the right to terminate users for security reasons, the prevention of fraud or other fictive accounts.
  2. Planetban.com will give notice in writing or listen, before blocking a user account with the right reasons.

Access and Personal Information Management

If the user wants to know or update the user's personal information but can not be reached on our website, On the next day Planetban.com ready to contact by the user via email and telephone number on our website.(Planetban.com) Information services that we can provide as follows:

  1. View data about usersli>
  2. Change data we store about users
  3. Deleting data we store about users
  4. Provide an explanation of the use of user data

Planetban.com will provide such information to the user, after the user passes verification system that asked by the Planetban.com

Connecting With Social Media

Planetban.com open for anyone to connect to the official account on various social media platforms and will provide information and answer questions related to users of the product and purchasing process. In this regard, Planetban.com not responsible for the content, activities and laws on social media that are not publish or not available in our website, Planetban.com


Demography information that we share with our Advertising Company and Partners will not be connected with any personal information relating to the identification of the user.


Kami menggunakan “Cookies” dalam website kami. Cookies adalah bagian dari data penggunjung website mengenai akses dan aktifitas pada website. kami menggunakan Cookies untuk mengetahui alur penggunjung, ketertarikan pengunjung dan pengalaman pengunjung dalam mengakses layanan kami di Planetban.com,tanpa menyentuh informasi personal pengunjung website.

We use "cookies" on our website. Cookies are part of the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. website regarding access and activity on the website. we use cookies to determine visitor flow, visitor attraction and the visitor experience in accessing our services in Planetban.com, without change the personal information of website visitors.